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Gum arabic
Gum arabic, its origins and applications.

gum arabicThe origin of gum arabic tree dates back to 4.000 years ago: the Egyptian artisans appreciated its sticky qualities, using it both as a binder for papyri pigments and as a thickener in cosmetics an for mummification.
Gum Arabic is a natural vegetal resin from in the famous "gum belt", that is the zone including different regions of Sudan; this resin is obtained from two different species of acacia growing in the' gum belt', or Sahel zone in South Sahara, which includes different regions of Sudan.
This resin is obtained through special tappings made on the trunk of the Acacia Senegal tree (for alimentary sector, pharmaceutical industry and beverage) and Acacia Seyal (for oenological and biotechnological applications).
The resinous liquid which comes out of the tappings to heal the cuts on the bark, thickens on contact with the air, forming a hard and glassy gum. This process is called "gummosis" and usually lasts from 3 to 8 weeks.

Fields of Application.
Gum Arabic has many fields of application as a condensing, emulsifying, structuring agent, as well as a stabilizing agent for aromas and essential oils in beverage production, in confectionery industry for the production of gumdrops, lozenges, sweets, and as foam stabilizer in the production of soft candies and toffees.

• Soft candies/toffees
binding agent
• Chewing-gum
candying agent, covering
• Tablets, pills and extruded candies
enhancer of the binding effect
• Almonds, hazelnuts, comfits
candying agent, polish, and pellicle maker
• Lozenges, candies
• Pharmaceutical and dietetic candies
binding fibre
• Candies
emulsifying and retardant of cryistallization
• Gumdrops
gelling agent
• Soft sugared candies
gelling agent
• Meat and dairy industry
stabilizer and thickener
• Yogurt
Bakery Industry
• Peanuts, chips
addensante, esaltatore aromatico
• Dough
• Homogenized foods
colloidal protector
• Bread
leavening agent, stabilizer agent
• Soft cakes
softening agent and water retention
Beverage Industry
• Oenology

colloid protector, colour stabilizer,
organoleptic, perlage effect
• Turbid drinks
fiber and clouding agent
• Dehydrated juices
hydrophilic adjuvant
• Instantaneous drinks
aromatic capper, stabilizer
• Liquid and powdered aromas encapsulators
essential oils encapsulator,aromas
• Soft drinks
emulsifier, stabilizer
Non-alimentary industry
• Inks
emulsifier and suspending agent
• Paint, distemper paint
• Liquid glue and glue on stamps and envelopes
adhesive transparent films
• Philately
• Pesticides, insecticides
Spray-drying and suspended agent
• Dope, plates, photographic alchemies
film formation
• Textile
Pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry
• Medicines
excipient and component
• Cough drops
main ingredient, non-caloric and non-cryogenic
• Sugar free drops
main ingredient, non-caloric and non-cryogenic
• For diabetics
fiber, thickener, stabilizer, emollient
• Synthetic syrups for diabetics
soluble and non-caloric fibre source
• Syrups
suspensive agent
• Cremes, lotions and shampoos
emulsifier, film formation, suspensive agent
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