Rathgeb Agency started operating in the commodity market since 1947.
The company was founded by Hans Rathgeb, through the experience and competence matured working alongside the dealers of colonial products, among which gum arabic already stood up from the others.
This experience was afterwards handed from father to son, passing first into the hands of Rosemarie Rathgeb, Hans's daughter, and then into those of his grandchild Sonja, the current owner.
Hans sensed the wide potentialities of use of this ancient, versatile product rich of extraordinary properties to the point that some years later he decided to set up his first company in Milan.
Gum arabic and other raw materials trade undoubtedly represents a very important inheritance that cannot ignore basic requisites, such as dedication, commitment and attention, which are essential to follow step by step the long, compelling and delicate process which goes from the extraction to the finished formulation. Only a successful conclusion of this process can guarantee the achievement of a high quality standard product.
Two offices, one in the North and the other in the centre of the Country, allow Rathgeb Agency to meet all customers' requirements.
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